Fun Arcade Flapper ‘Super Fowlst’ Now Available on Android

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One of our favorite recent releases, Super Fowlst (Free) from developer CatCup Games, is now available for our Android friends to play and enjoy. In case you aren’t familiar, Super Fowlst is the sequel to last year’s original Fowlst which had you guiding a little chicken Flappy-style around single-screen levels filled with all manner of hazards and enemies. Your goal was to flap yourself right into every enemy, thus destroying them, and once all enemies on a level were cleared you’d move onto the next. Naturally Super Fowlst takes that concept and super-sizes it with MUCH larger levels, hugely improved visuals, tons more power-ups and enemies, and a lot more. Check out the trailer.

As we’ve said, Super Fowlst is one of our favorite recent releases, and we chose it as our Game of the Week when it came out last month. If you’re an Android owner looking to get in on the fun, you can pick it up over on the Google Play Store here. As with the iOS version, the Android version is free to download and play with a huge cast of characters available to purchase with IAP or by using collected in-game coins. Basically it’s absurdly generous to the player and there’s no reason to buy anything if you don’t want to. So Android folks or even iOS folks who haven’t jumped on the Super Fowlst train just yet, now is your chance to give it a whirl.

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    The world has been overrun by demons and there’s only one chicken that can stop them. How? By smashing into them head-…
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