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‘Squish Machine’ is a Cute Action Puzzler from the Maker of ‘Castle Pals’ and ‘FlipChamps’, Coming Early 2019

Following the painfully adorable multi-character action platformer Castle Pals (Free) release this past June, developer Brad Erkkila is back with another mobile project in the works called Squish Machine. As the name implies, this is an action puzzler that has you figuring out how to stop a giant spike-laden machine from squishing you, like the trash compactor scene from Star Wars. You’ll accomplish this by pressing the appropriate buttons that are spread around each level, and you’ll have to avoid enemies and other hazards along the way. Also don’t let the buttons themselves get destroyed or squished you shall be. Check out the Squish Machine trailer.

As you can see, this is another colorful and painfully adorable game from Brad Erkkila. Possibly quite literally painful if that dang squish machine gets its way and chomps down on you. I’m completely in love with the different playable characters shown off in that trailer, and it wasn’t right until this very moment that I realized I have been waiting my whole life to play as a head of broccoli. If you like the look of Squish Machine, Erkkila is shooting for a release sometime around February, so we’ll bring you more news on a release date ahead of then.