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Naquatic’s Upcoming ‘Rock, Paper, Wizards!’ is an Online Battling RPG Looking for Beta Testers

Developer Naquatic has been among the most popular in our community over the years, as their library of games often contains a competitive element that’s appealing to a group of mobile gaming enthusiasts and they’re also famous for their fantastic level of interaction and responsiveness with players in our forums. To that end, they’ve announced their latest project Rock, Paper, Wizards! on our very forums and are opening up beta testing spots exclusively to our members. This is how they describe Rock, Paper, Wizards! – “The game world is a living community of FTL-style quests and brawling players. Every new player can create their own unique ‘Camp’ which becomes a quest that other players encounter on their adventures. You can go it alone, or you can share soldiers with your friends by creating a clan. There are weekly clan wars with awesome prizes for the top player-slaying teams." Here’s a brief teaser trailer.

It seems like a really cool concept and reminds me a lot of the Nintendo 3DS StreetPass game Warriors Way, if you’ve ever played that. There will also be a seemingly endless amount of content in Rock, Paper, Wizards! as Naquatic themselves say: “We wanted there to be an ungodly amount of game content. To achieve this, every new player will create their own unique ‘Camp’ which gets added to the event pool. The game world will be a living and constantly evolving community of dueling players with literally endless content." No word on a release date just yet but it sounds like Rock, Paper, Wizards! will be coming fairly soon, and if you want to get in on the experience ahead of its release be sure to drop by the forum thread and post your interest.