Huge ‘Death Road to Canada’ Update Coming Thursday Adding Endless Mode and Much More

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Our Game of the Year for 2017, Rocketcat Games and Madgarden’s fantastic road trip zombie apocalypse simulator Death Road to Canada ($14.99), is getting yet another big update this Thursday. As with all of the game’s updates, this one is named after a body part and is known as the HUMERUS Update. The biggest addition is 3 brand new game modes. One is a simple Endless Mode which tasks you with getting as far as you can on a single run. Then there’s the Over Powered Party Mode that starts out on a special map and allows you to recruit any of the super rare characters into your party. Finally there’s Quick Death Mode which is described as a “Short Trip to Heck, but with the difficulty tripled." Yikes. Of course there’s plenty more to the HUMERUS Update such as expanded multiplayer support which includes 4 player support if you have enough MFi controllers handy, some streamlining in terms of how the game switches leaders when one dies or if players are inactive, and just a ton of various tweaks and fixes throughout the game.

As mentioned Death Road to Canada was our Game of the Year last year, and we also awarded it 5 stars in our review and picked it for our Game of the Week upon release. Basically we like it a whole lot, as do its many fans across all the platforms it’s available. That includes desktop, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch as well as iOS and Android. Mobile fans can look forward to the HUMERUS Update this Thursday, and next Tuesday the game will receive its final price increase bringing it to $14.99 and in line with its price on other platforms. However, Rocketcat says that there are MORE updates planned for 2019, so this isn’t the last we’ll be seeing of Death Road to Canada by a long shot.

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