Colorful Flappy Action Adventure ‘Super Fowlst’ Hits the App Store

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Last summer CatCup Games released their quirky arcade game Fowlst, which was lovingly described as a flappy version of Downwell. In it you’d fly around single screen levels by flapping left or right while bashing into enemies to destroy them and collecting coins which could go towards a variety of upgrades for your character. The flappy mechanics worked brilliantly and Fowlst quickly became one of my favorite one-handed, “kill some time" games. So I was pretty excited to hear just shy of a month ago that a sequel was in the works that looked to take all those wonderful mechanics and super-size them. Today that sequel, appropriately called Super Fowlst, (Free) has gone live in the App Store. Here’s the trailer.

As you can see, Super Fowlst features much larger multi-room levels compared to its predecessor. It also ramps up the visuals from the Downwell-inspired black-white-red color palette to something that more closely resembles 16-bit graphics. The core mechanics are still the same, with tapping on the left side or the right side of the screen flapping your character in that direction and quickly swiping up triggering any power-ups you’ve collected, and you still take out enemies by bashing right into them. There’s a wider variety of enemies in the sequel and more interesting level layouts and hazards to contend with. Basically it’s a super version of Fowlst, and I love it. The game is totally free with a cast of characters you can either buy for 99¢ apiece or unlock with the coins you earn, and there’s the ability to earn extra coins for watching opt-in video ads. And that’s pretty much it, so there’s no reason not to give Super Fowlst a shot and drop by the forum thread to let everyone know what you thought of it.

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