‘ReversiQuest 2’, a Tactical RPG with Reversi-Based Combat, Now Available on iOS

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I don’t particularly love traditional RPGs. I’ll occasionally get into one here and there but by and large it’s just not my favorite genre. I do however really love when an RPG adds a neat twist by blending in a mechanic from a different game or genre to offer a unique experience. One of my favorite series in fact is King Cashing which utilized slot machine mechanics for its combat to great effect. A few years ago developer Yokogosystems took a swing at this type of thing with ReversiQuest on Xbox One, a tactical RPG that replaced its battling with mechanics from the classic Reversi. Now after a lengthy testing period on Android, its sequel ReversiQuest 2 (Free) is now available on iOS.

As you can see ReversiQuest 2 utilizes an isometric viewpoint and pixel art that’s really reminiscent of the cult classic Final Fantasy Tactics. I think my favorite little detail is that the game takes place in a land called Othellia Island which is ruled by its King Othellia, and as you probably know Othello is the most famous version of Reversi so that’s a funny little nod. I’ll need to spend some more time with ReversiQuest 2 myself but so far the impressions from players in our forums have been really positive, and best of all is that the game is free to download and try for yourself with a one-time IAP to unlock the full game if you enjoy it. Check it out!

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    ReversiQuest2 is a single-player tactical JRPG with a battle system based on Reversi. Those good ole days of pixel art, …
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