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‘Super Fowlst’ Will Bring Even More “Flappy Downwell” to iOS on November 20th

Last year indie developer CatCup Games released one of my favorite games of 2017 in Fowlst (Free). The game had you playing an owl who was trapped in Hell for some reason, and your goal was to move from room to room destroying enemies and collecting cash and power-ups for as long as possible. You did this by, well, flapping around. Using a similar mechanic to Flappy Bird you’d tap the left or right side of the screen to flap in that direction as you avoided enemy fire and dispatched those same enemies by simply slamming into them. It worked phenomenally well, and with a Downwell-inspired aesthetic and game progression Fowlst was a great skill-based game that you could play easily with just one hand for a few moments or a few hours. Now this year Fowlst is coming back, and is more super than ever. In fact it’s called Super Fowlst and you can see just how much it has transformed in the following trailer.

Holy moly now you’re playing with super power! Yes, Super Fowlst is quite a leap over its predecessor. Levels are MUCH larger and more elaborate now, and you can spot some more complex mechanics and environmental elements this time around. It’s like it graduated from a really cool arcade game into a full-blown action-adventure game. Also obviously the graphics have received a big boost going from the tri-color Downwell-inspired graphics of the first game to really detailed, almost 16-bit inspired visuals. The most important thing I think is that the strong core elements of the original Fowlst, with its great controls and randomly generated nature, are retained in Super Fowlst – everything has just been cranked up to be bigger and better. In case you couldn’t tell I’m super excited for this one, so mark you calendars for November 20th when Super Fowlst launches on iOS with an Android version following sometime shortly after.