‘Kingdom: New Lands’ Receives New Skull Island Content in Free Update Today

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One of the most surprisingly enjoyable releases for me this year was Kingdom: New Lands ($9.99) from Raw Fury games. What looked to be a simple side-scrolling game with pixel art (GORGEOUS pixel art, I should add) was actually one of the more complex and deep strategy games I’ve played. You’re tasked with building up your kingdom from scratch as you gather resources, build defenses, and amass an army of loyal subjects. What is so awesome about Kingdom: New Lands is that there’s an incredible amount of things you can do in the game, much of which is hidden and only discovered through experience (and failure). It’s an incredibly challenging but rewarding game, and you can read more about what I love about it in our Game of the Week write up. Today, Raw Fury has just released new content for Kingdom: New Lands in the form of an entire new area called Skull Island.

I mentioned that the game is challenging, but Skull Island looks like it’s designed to be a brutal challenge for only the most seasoned Kingdom players. I mean, the name itself Skull Island isn’t exactly inviting. But if you’re among those who have played this game all the way through and are craving a new challenge, then Skull Island should be right up your alley. Best of all is that the developers have released the new Skull Island content completely for free across every platform that the game is on. Not a bad little holiday gift, you know? In addition, the game is currently half-off to celebrate the new update, down to $4.99 from its regular $9.99 price point. A fiver for a game with this amount of depth and strategy is a bargain, so if you’ve been sleeping on Kingdom: New Lands up until this point now is a good time to rectify that.

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