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Electrified Top-Down Shooter ‘Tesla vs Lovecraft’ Available for Pre-Order with Discount, Launching Next Thursday

After launching their science fiction top-down shooter Tesla vs Lovecraft on Steam this past January, developer 10tons confirmed the following month that they’d be bringing the game to consoles and then to mobile. Which wasn’t surprising as their previous shooters like Neon Chrome ($6.99), JYDGE ($8.99), Time Recoil ($5.99), and even the port of their old PC hit Crimsonland (Free) have been pretty popular on mobile. Well it took a bit longer than I was expecting but that Tesla vs Lovecraft mobile port is finally almost here. In case you aren’t familiar with the game, it has you playing as godfather of electricity Nikola Tesla who uses his genius to create a giant mech that is able to fight off the horrific creatures of HP Lovecraft. Yes, it is an absurd premise, which is what I love so much about it. Check out the awesome trailer.

Tesla vs Lovecraft has been a critical and commercial hit on desktop and consoles, and 10tons’ brand of top-down shooter works incredibly well on mobile touchscreens. So I have been very eager to see this mobile release which is officially set for next Thursday, October 25th. However, as with some of their previous releases, 10tons is offering a pretty major discount on Tesla vs Lovecraft if you pre-order the game through the App Store. You’ll be able to grab the game for just $3.99 compared to its regular asking price of $8.99. So if you’re into the whole pre-order thing and like saving some cash, click this link here to be taken to the App Store to pre-order. Otherwise check out the forum thread for some discussion in the meantime and keep an eye out for Tesla vs Lovecraft’s launch next week.