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‘Euclidean Lands’ Sequel ‘Euclidean Skies’ Arrives October 25th, Up for Pre-Order with 40% Discount

Another news nugget from last week is that Euclidean Skies, the sequel to last year’s gorgeous puzzler Euclidean Lands ($4.99), is set to arrive on iOS later this month on October 25th. The original Euclidean Lands was announced nearly three years ago and was the product of former architecture student Miro Straka and two-time Apple Design Award winner Kunabi Brother, who were known for their excellent Blek ($4.99) and Frost ($4.99). Euclidean Lands finally arrived in March of last year and could be described as the isometric architectural puzzling of Monument Valley meets the turn-based strategy of the Hitman/Lara Croft/Deus Ex GO series, and Euclidean Skies retains that core while making some interesting changes. Here’s the first teaser trailer for Euclidean Skies.

Holy moly that looks awesome. In regards to what’s different this time around, the developers describe: “In the original game the levels were based on a system that requires symmetry. Like a Rubik’s Cube, many options were presented to the player, but the silhouette of the structure would remain constant. In Euclidean Skies, the puzzles can be ‘unfolded’ and reshaped further and further from the initial silhouette on the player’s journey to the solution. Now each level offers multiple solutions and each player’s unique path of discovery is visible in the castles." Sounds extremely cool! As mentioned Euclidean Skies will be arriving on October 25th as a premium title for $4.99, but if you click on this link and pre-order the game it can be had for a 40% discounted price of just $2.99.