‘Euclidean Lands’ is Like ‘Monument Valley’ Meets ‘Hitman Go’, Available Now

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Miro Straka, in collaboration with Blek ($4.99) developer Kunabi Brother, has just released Euclidean Lands ($4.99) the App Store. If you like the mind-bending impossible-geometry puzzles of Monument Valley ($3.99), this should be up your alley. You’ll tap to move your protagonist around, while finding paths to move by manipulating the landscape to your advantage. There’s also a combat aspect, as you have to create paths to where you can take out enemies without being in their path. So, throw a bit of the Square Enix Montreal Go series in there, too.

Apple’s indie games promotion has led to some games releasing at odd times, with a new game being featured everyday. Beglitched ($3.99) released on Saturday, March 11th. But all the games so far have been ports (Mushroom 11 ($4.99), Kingdom: New Lands ($4.99), and Beglitched in that order), and this is the first original game of the bunch. Bit City should be next, followed by Golf Zero, and we should be expecting Card Thief sometime by the 20th as well.

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