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Cinematic Platformer ‘Max – The Curse of Brotherhood’ Coming to iOS Next Week, Discounted Pre-Order Available Now

With myself out all of last week on vacation and Eli traveling for most of the week to an event in London, there were a couple of big news items that went under our radar that I wanted to make sure and hit with us back in action this week. One of those is the announcement that Flashbulb Games will be bringing their stunning cinematic platformer Max – The Curse of Brotherhood to iOS on October 18th. You may be familiar with Max – The Curse of Brotherhood by way of its previous releases; originally on the Xbox One in late 2013, Windows and Xbox 360 in mid-2014, PlayStation 4 in November of last year, or on the Nintendo Switch a month later in December. If you aren’t familiar with any of those versions, well, here’s what Max – The Curse of Brotherhood looks like in action. Spoiler alert: it’s a really gorgeous game.

There’s also a chance you know of Max and his drawing adventures because Max – The Curse of Brotherhood is actually the sequel to Max & the Magic Marker, a similar style of drawing platformer that originally released as a downloadable title for the Wii in early 2010 before making its way to most other platforms including a mobile version in the spring of 2011. That mobile version has since disappeared due to its original publisher going under but was replaced just over a year ago with Max & the Magic Marker – Remastered ($1.99) which was self-published by Flashbulb.

The sequel is obviously much more ambitious in terms of visuals but the core idea of being able to draw various items with your magic marker to make your way through the game’s levels holds true, and for the most part Max – The Curse of Brotherhood has received a pretty positive reception. If you’re looking forward to the iOS version you can currently pre-order the game with this link and score a 20% discount, otherwise look for Max – The Curse of Brotherhood to be available by normal means in the App Store at its regular price of $4.99 on October 18th.