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‘Euclidean Lands’ Looks Like ‘Monument Valley’ Meets ‘Lara Croft Go’

Are you sick of gorgeous isometric puzzle games inspired by Monument Valley ($3.99) yet? Me neither! Euclidean Lands is looking like another game following in the tradition of that game, but throwing some new wrinkles into the equation. For one, you can rotate levels to alter perspective, but also can spin them around like a Rubik’s Cube to change where everything is. And there seems to be combat and a movement system perhaps like Lara Croft Go ($4.99) has. Mixing a whole bunch of things from a list of already great games? Hmm, sounds intriguing!

This game by Miro Straka is in the works right now, and will be for mobile, but few details beyond that are available other than it’s “coming soon." While a pretty look does not a great game make, this really does look gorgeous and worth keeping an eye on in the coming months. Follow the game’s Twitter account for updates on the game.