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‘JackQuest – The Tale of the Sword’ Gets an Awesome Trailer

We’ve been following the release of the upcoming Metroidvania puzzle platformer JackQuest – The Tale of the Sword since March, and our forums are super stoked for the game. The game’s developer, Jose Neto (aka NetoX), just posted a full-blown gameplay trailer that in about ninety seconds will completely sell you on being excited for JackQuest:

We don’t have any details on when exactly JackQuest is going to be released beyond it being “almost there," but that’s good enough for me. This game totally looks like the kind of game that would have been released during the premium platformer glory days of the first few years of the App Store- And it’s super refreshing to see a developer keeping that particular candle burning.

Whenever JackQuest finally hits, I’ll play it.