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‘JackQuest – The Tale of the Sword’ is a Rad Looking Metroidvania that’s Looking for Testers

If there’s one thing that gets my motor running, it’s a rad looking platforming game. And when that platforming features combat and the open-ended nature of a Metroidvania, then yeah, you can just sign me right up. So I was pretty stoked to come across a game called JackQuest – The Tale of the Sword in our forums the other day, as it looks to embody all those things I love so much. The game comes from Jose Neto aka NetoX, whose previous iOS releases include Orbital (Free) and MadRobot X (Free). In the developer’s own words, “If you enjoy challenging bosses, jumping on walls, discovering secret passages, and collecting items to explore new areas, JackQuest is your game!" Here are a couple of quick animated gifs so you can see what it’s like in motion.

Currently there is a demo build of JackQuest that people in our forums are testing, and so far the feedback has been very positive, with the only criticisms being in regards to difficulty and some virtual control issues. Exactly the types of things that can be tweaked and fixed during a testing period! The other complaint is that the demo build is too short, so that also bodes well for the full game if people are already wanting more of it. While it’s unclear how many more testers are needed, feel free to stop by the forum thread to inquire about testing as more builds are already underway and future builds will have additional content. When JackQuest is finished, the current demo portion will be free to download and play with a one-time IAP to unlock the rest of the game.