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iOS Version of ‘JackQuest – Tale of the Sword’ Now Available for Pre-Order with Discount, Launching February 27th

It was less than two weeks ago that NX Games in conjunction with Blowfish Studios and Crescent Moon Games launched their pixel art Metroidvania JackQuest – Tale of the Sword on Steam, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch, and now we know when the iOS version is arriving: February 27th. We know this because that’s what it says on the game’s pre-order page in the App Store. Yes, JackQuest is up for pre-order and if you do end up doing the pre-order thing you can actually save yourself a dollar off of the game’s regular price of $5.99. If you need a refresher on what exactly JackQuest is all about, this trailer should do the trick.

You may recall that JackQuest was originally announced as a mobile game back in March of last year, and I adored the look of it back then even if just in animated .gif form. Work on the game continued and in early October we were treated to the first proper trailer of the game, as seen above. Blowfish Studios jumped in to publish the game on consoles, with Crescent Moon handling the PC and mobile publishing side of things. Our own Shaun Musgrave actually took the Nintendo Switch version of JackQuest for a spin and wrote up his thoughts in a SwitchArcade Round-Up last week, basically saying he enjoyed the game overall despite some issues. I for one am quite excited to get my hands on the iOS version of JackQuest, and I think it’ll be a solid platforming adventure when it arrives towards the end of the month.