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‘Super Cat Tales 2’ Will be Released on October 4th

We’re unbelievably stoked for Super Cat Tales 2. How stoked? Well, this will be our seventh post on the game this year. We first caught wind of a sequel hitting back in April, with loads of videos being teased out since then- Most recently being two new ones that were released back on August 20th. If you’ve never played the original, you need to download Super Cat Tales (Free) immediately. It’s free, you won’t be disappointed.


Anyway, the big news of the day is that Super Cat Tales 2 is hitting both iOS and Android on October 4th. Neutronized, the developer, makes dang awesome stuff, so it feels very safe to get excited for this one. The good news is, we’ve only got a week left of waiting (or maybe less, given the weirdness of App Store releases usually coming a few days early).