Unept’s ‘Unicycle Hero’ and ‘Level With Me’ Both Get iPhone X Updates

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I don’t remember exactly when I first played Level With Me (Free) from developer Unept, but I do remember that whenever that was I instantly loved it. Level With Me’s basic premise is that you have a teeter totter board balancing precariously on the screen, and you tap the water at the bottom of the screen to shoot floating bubbles up underneath the board in order to change its angle. The game then takes that basic premise and explores it in just about every way imaginable, having you simply balance objects the best you can or manipulating the board to deliver items or move objects to certain targets on the screen. It’s so simple and so unique, and the last time we talked about it on TouchArcade was back in January of last year when a new Challenge mode was added to the game. Well, now we have another reason to talk about it as over the weekend Level With Me was updated with a new Billiards game as well as full iPhone X support.

As everyone is I’m sure aware by now, I’m a big fan of games supporting the full screen of the iPhone X, and Level With Me was definitely on my list of games I hoped would get support someday. But wait, there’s more! There’s a duo of iPhone X update goodness today as another of Unept’s wonderful games was also updated for the device. Unicycle Hero (Free) is a quirky track and field style game except your athlete is forced to ride a unicycle while performing in all the events, and trust me when I say that hilarity ensues. I posted about Unicycle Hero last year prior to its release because the animated gifs of it I saw on Twitter made me chuckle, and I very tongue-in-cheek described it as a “future game of the year" contender. The joke was on me though as when the game launched this past January it actually was a REALLY great game, and competing for high scores in the various events actually has been one of my highlights of 2018.

So if you’re a fan of fun games that support the full screen of the iPhone X, you have no reason not to try out both Level With Me and Unicycle Hero as they’re both free to download with simple one time ad removal IAP options and are two of the more unique and entertaining games you can play on your mobile device.

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