Quirky Balancing Game ‘Level With Me’ Receives Challenge Mode in New Update

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The iOS App Store is a crazy place. In early October, we previewed a then-upcoming game called Level With Me (Free), which had you balancing various types of objects on a teeter-totter-like board by blowing floating bubbles onto its underside in order to raise or lower each side and keep said objects from sliding off. The objects include things like a heavy bowling ball, a bouncy beach ball, humans, zombies, and more, each requiring different strategies to ensure they stay on the board. The game was level-based in a way as you’d have to balance each type of object for a certain amount of time before completing a level and moving on to the next, but it was also endless as your ultimate goal was to complete as many levels in a row as possible. You know, it’s a tricky game to try to explain, so why don’t you just check out the trailer for Level With Me.

Anyway, the reason I say the App Store is crazy is because Level With Me launched just a couple of weeks after our post about it, and while it did get featured in our Out Now post for that week, there hasn’t been any buzz in its forum thread and despite being heavily featured by Apple and ammassing more than 600,000 downloads this game has pretty much gone under everyones radar around here. And it shouldn’t, because it’s fantastic! It’s a super simple idea executed beautifully, and remarkably I can’t think of any other game quite like it. It’s a really unique and fun game. Well, all this is to say “Hey, check this game out!" and also to say that Level With Me received a cool update yesterday with a new Challenge mode which lets you practice the game’s specific objects so you can be more prepared when they come at you in random fashion in the main Endless mode. It’s pretty cool, and seeing as Level With Me is free to download with a one-off $1.99 IAP to remove ads, there’s no reason you shouldn’t be checking it out right this minute.

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