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If ‘Panzer Dragoon’ and ‘Star Fox’ Had a Baby, it Might Look a Lot Like ‘Galerider’, Coming to iOS in October

Developer Orion Arts has a new game in the works, and if you’re a fan of classic rail shooters, it should be right up your alley. The game is called Galerider, and as you can see by all the “riding huge dragons and shooting stuff" gameplay, it’s heavily inspired by the classic Panzer Dragoon series. From what we can tell by the game’s announcement trailer, Galerider is a bit more linear than Panzer Dragoon and takes some additional cues from another classic rail shooter, Star Fox. “Do a barrel roll… on a dragon!" Yeah I’m a fan of that. Check out the trailer.

Galerider will feature 9 different stages spanning across 3 different locations. It takes place in a “dystopian world of myth and magic" called Hyperia that’s home to a society of warriors, and the most elite of those warriors are known as Galeriders due to their ability to ride and command the huge beasts known as Wind Drakes. Aka bad ass dragons. You’ll play as a Galerider named Bree who embarks on a mission to save her people from a nebulous “threat of destruction." You may remember an old (and very awesome) mobile rail shooter called Arc Squadron from Psyonix which they published for mobile back in 2012 before becoming mega gajillionaires with Rocket League, and Galerider definitely gives me an “Arc Squadron with dragons" vibe, which is a very good thing. Look for Galerider to hit the App Store in early October.