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Extended ‘Tropico’ Gameplay Video Shows How the Game Plays on iPad

We’ve been pretty excited for the upcoming Tropico iPad port, as for most of us around the TouchArcade water cooler, Tropico is one of those games that we’ve heard tons of things about but never got around to playing. Feral Interactive has already released a video on how the iPad UI works, but this is the first extended gameplay video we’ve seen, providing an almost 15 minute walkthrough:

In Tropico, you play as the leader of a Caribbean island and you’re responsible for taking it from underdeveloped ruin to a thriving civilization. As you can see in the video, managing an island is anything but easy, with things like the education of your islanders to what environmentalists think about what you’re doing to worry about… and a bazillion things in between.

We’re super stoked for Tropico, as this is the exact kind of game we love playing on our iPad. We don’t have a more specific release date than “this year," but with Feral showing off seemingly complete builds of the game at Gamescom, it seems like we can’t be too far out.