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‘Chroniric XIX’, ‘Spitkiss’, and ‘Stay’ are Three Upcoming Premium Games Heading to Mobile Courtesy of Playdius

Playdius, the publishing arm of Plug In Digital, has been one of the few companies to see a lot of success bringing premium gaming experiences to mobile, like the critically-acclaimed narrative games A Normal Lost Phone ($1.99) and Bury Me, My Love ($2.99). During Gamescom this week they took the opportunity to announce three new premium titles heading to mobile (and one coming to Steam as well), and if you were fans of the previously mentioned Playdius-published mobile games then you’ll be in for a treat with this upcoming lineup.

First up is Chroniric XIX, another one of those narrative adventures that plays out through a faux smartphone interface. In this instance you’ll actually be receiving messages from an alternate past, from a person known as XIX^ who is a “time patroller who works behind the scenes of History." You’ll receive messages from XIX^ in real-time over the course of several real world days via push notifications. The official list of features includes: 3 ways to play: Protector, Dodger, Daredevil; 3 different endings; Time loops with direct consequences on the plot; Mini-puzzles; 15 ways to save Echo XIX^ from mortal danger; 7 laws of time to unlock; 30 objects and clues to find; and 40 achievements to unlock. You can look forward to Chroniric XIX on iOS September 27th at a price of $2.99 with an Android to follow at an unspecified date.

Next we have Spitkiss, a game that we’ve covered pretty extensively in the past. We first saw it at GDC this past March with a really fun hands-on demo, and then we got a look at its official trailer in April, followed by the game launching on Google Play’s Early Access program at a discounted price in May. Spitkiss is an extremely odd one-handed precision platformer where you guide the literal spit from one lover to another through a huge assortment of hazardous levels, more than 80 of them in fact. It’s simultaneously extremely gross and incredibly adorable, and you can see Spitkiss in action in the following new trailer. Look for Spitkiss to launch on both iOS and Steam for PC on October 11th for $1.99 with an Android version coming at a later date.

Finally we have Stay, an award-winning narrative thriller that previously released on PC and PlayStation 4. Here you’re again interacting with a fictional character through a faux communication system, though this time it’s actually through a chat room as opposed to push notifications on your phone. You’ll interact with a boy named Quinn who wakes up in a dark, locked room with nothing in it but a computer hooked into a chat service, with you on the other end. You’ll need to help guide him out of this situation, but since the game plays out in real time you’ll need to be careful with when and how you play. “…every minute spent away from the game is a minute Quinn is left alone. Drop out of conversations or leave Quinn to fend for himself for too long, and there may be consequences." Stay will feature “24 chapters, 7 different endings, dozens of life-altering choices" and is meant to be played through multiple times. It looks really creepy and cool, and you can look forward to the iOS release on November 8th at a price of $4.99 with an Android version to follow at some point in the future.