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Spit-Swapping One-Handed Platformer ‘Spitkiss’ Gets an Official Trailer

One of the more interesting and quirky games we got a chance to see during GDC last month was a game called Spitkiss from developer Triple Topping Games. Story-wise it’s about two special beings named Y27 and B4 who are madly in love with each other, and they show this love by… well, spitting in each other’s mouths. Gross… or is it? Maybe it’s not gross and it’s actually really sweet. Whatever the case, the two lovebirds are never in the exact same place so it’s your job as the player to guide the wad of spit from one to the other across treacherous levels. Functionally, this plays out as a one-handed platformer where you sling the spit using a guide mark similar to something like Angry Birds, and bounce the spit off of walls and avoid hitting hazards on your journey towards Y27 or B4. Yeah it’s a weird game ok! But I love it. Today, Triple Topping has released the first official trailer for Spitkiss which gives you a really good idea of what the game is like.

As mentioned, we saw Spitkiss during GDC last month, so if you want a more in-depth look at the game check out our hands-on demo video with the developers. The initial release of Spitkiss will have 80 levels to play through and they’re targeting a release for sometime this summer on iOS, Android, and Steam. Then, in the months following the release, Triple Topping hopes to bring out an update with a level editor for the game, so players can create and share their very own spit-swapping levels. I love one-handed platformers and it feels like Spitkiss has a whole lot of promise, so look for this one to launch in the coming months.