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Spit-Swapping Platformer ‘Spitkiss’ Arrives on Google Play Early Access at a Discounted Price

It was back in March during GDC that we were first introduced to Spitkiss from Triple Topping Games and fell in love with the gross-but-somehow-charming spit-swapping gameplay. The game itself is a one-handed precision platformer where you literally control a hunk of spit as you bounce and wall jump your way through dangerous levels in order to get that spit from one lover to the other. Yes, you know it’s true love if you’re willing to swallow your mate’s spit even after it’s travelled around the (probably) dirty walls of the world of Spitkiss. One month after our hands-on demo of Spitkiss at GDC, Triple Topping released an official trailer for the game which gave you a very good idea of how it would play. Here is that trailer again if you missed it previously.

Now, as Spitkiss marches towards an official launch, Triple Topping have just released the game as part of the Google Play Early Access program. Basically the game is available for Android via Google Play but it’s not actually in a totally finished state. It features the first 3 game worlds and a total of 48 levels to test before the launch, and Triple Topping is hoping to get some early feedback on the game from those players who dive into this early version. Think of it as a more official form of beta testing. In exchange for trying out the not-quite-final version of the game, you’ll get it at a discounted price while it’s in Early Access. It’s not a HUGE discount as the Early Access version is $1.49 compared to its regular price of $1.99 when it does finally launch, but hey fifty cents is fifty cents. Plus you get to play it early! So if interested, grab the Early Access version of Spitkiss for Android using the link below, and be on the lookout for the full launch on iOS, Android, and Steam later this year.

Google Play Store Early Access Link: Spitkiss, Free (by Triple Topping Games)