‘Civilization VI’ Full Game Unlock IAP is On Sale for $23.99

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We haven’t exactly been shy here at TouchArcade regarding how we feel about the iPad port of Civilization VI (Free), we completely gushed over the game in our review, and I’ve mentioned several times that if I was stranded on an desert island with Civ VI, FTL ($9.99) and Six Ages ($9.99), I wouldn’t care if I ever got rescued- Provided I had a way to keep my iPad charged, anyway. I’ve gone entire long haul flights playing the iPad port of Civ VI, and the game has honestly only been getting better as they continue to add DLC packs to get it close to feature parity with the PC version on Steam.

Aspyr has been dabbling in sales with Civ VI since its release, with the game often available for half off. Today, the full unlock IAP is the cheapest we’ve ever seen it, coming in at $23.99. The amount of gameplay you got for $29.99 was absurd, making $23.99 completely ridiculous for this great port of a bonafide “real game" on the iPad. Better yet, if you haven’t fiddled with Civ VI yet, it’s totally free to try. The free version of the game basically walks you through the entire tutorial and then sets you loose to continue that campaign for a total of 60 turns. If you survive that long, you’ll know for certain how much you’ll enjoy the rest of the game.

I seriously have nothing but good things to say about Civ VI, I played it a ton on my PC when it first hit Steam and it has easily been amongst my most-played iOS games since it hit the iPad. The only knock people seem to have against it is that it doesn’t run at full resolution on the iPad, but if you want to do a tiny bit of tinkering that’s an easy fix- Just be aware it’ll really amp up how much battery the game uses. For real though, if you’ve been waiting for this game to get cheaper, don’t miss the unlock today.

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