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‘Arc the Lad R’ Announced for iOS and Android in Japan From Sony and ForwardWorks

Sony’s Arc the Lad franchise debuted in Japan back in 1995 on the original PlayStation and it is coming to Mobile 23 years later. Sony announced ForwardWorks to bring some of its IP and some third party IP in Japan to iOS and Android. We already know how the Wild Arms game will be and today, the teams at ForwardWorks and altplus have revealed Arc the Lad R for iOS and Android in Japan. It looks like the development team consists of the core staff who made the first two PlayStation entries in the 90s and will be set 10 years after the events of Arc the Lad II. Watch the original announcement trailer for it below:

Arc the Lad R is an RPG for smartphones and it will feature strategic battles. As with most announcements for mobile RPGs in Japan, pre-registration is now live and you can pre-register for iOS or Android here. The team has also put up the full website for the game including character details and story details (albeit all in Japanese). It looks like you will need iOS 9 and an iPhone 6s or later on the iOS front and Android 5.0 or later on Android going by the official website. Arc the Lad R is also confirmed to be a free to play game if you had any doubts. Watch the story trailer for it below:

Unfortunately as of this writing it looks like there are no plans to release this outside Japan right now. If it does well, hopefully the team considers bringing it outside Japan eventually. Arc the Lad R is set to launch on both iOS and Android in Japan. Did you ever play this franchise on the original PlayStation or discover it on the Vita through PS1 classics like I did?