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Promising Hack ‘n Slasher ‘Barbearian’ Releasing August 15th and Up for Pre-Order Now

Back in early March, developer Kimmo Lahtinen aka Gimblll announced a new hack ‘n slash game called Barbearian, and it looked awesome. It features a bear who is also a barbarian (hence the game’s title) who is transported to a strange world, and his only chance for returning home is to master the art of combat and absolutely destroy everything in his path. Barbearian features an isometric perspective and enemies who attack in droves, creating an almost overwhelming amount of mayhem. Oh, and did I mention you play as a BEAR who is a BARBARIAN and that the game is called BARBEARIAN? That is a major selling point to me. Anyway, over the weekend Gimblll announced that Barbearian is all set to launch on August 15th, and recently created a new trailer showing all that mayhem in action.

As the developer notes in our forums, Barbearian will be a premium game priced at $8.99 and for those who aren’t big fans of touchscreen controls it’ll support MFi controllers. In case you were not aware, Gimblll’s previous mobile gaming efforts have been highly enjoyable affairs, including the excellent dual-stick shooter Trigonarium ($2.99) and the blissfully chaotic top-down racer Drift’n’Drive ($2.99), so we’ve been especially excited for Barbearian based on that. If you’re as excited for us and you’re into the whole pre-ordering thing, then you can click this link on an iOS 11 device to be taken to the App Store where you can pre-order Barbearian, and it’ll just magically download to your device when it releases. For all the non-pre-orderers out there, look for the game to arrive in just over two weeks.