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Ironhide Game Studio Officially Announces ‘Kingdom Rush Vengeance’

Once upon a time, developer Ironhide Game Studio teased a fourth entry in their Kingdom Rush series, following their excellent original Kingdom Rush (Free), its follow-up Kingdom Rush Frontiers ($1.99), and the prequel Kingdom Rush Origins ($2.99). The only problem was that at the time of that tease, in January of last year, Ironhide was knee-deep into the development of their tower defense/real-time strategy hybrid Iron Marines ($2.99), which they went on to successfully release that following September to critical acclaim. Now with that release nearly a year behind them, Ironhide is again going back to the Kingdom Rush well with the official announcement of the fourth title in the series Kingdom Rush Vengeance. Vez’nan is back baby!

Unfortunately there are no real details beyond the game’s official title and this teaser video, but you can hit up the official site for Kingdom Rush Vengeance and sign up for a newsletter which should be blasting out any pertinent information as it happens. The website’s tagline of “Join Vez’nan’s Army!" leads us to believe something we originally thought after that first teaser last year, that this new Kingdom Rush will be all about playing as the bad guys. Possibly in a “reverse tower defense" style similar to the amazing Anomaly series? Only time will tell, but one thing I’ve learned is that I’ll love anything Ironhide puts out. Look for more details on Kingdom Rush Vengeance as they become available in the coming days and weeks.