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Ironhide Games Announces New ‘Kingdom Rush’ Game

Good news for fans of the Kingdom Rush series, easily one of the most popular tower defense franchises out there. And Ironhide Games is set to continue the franchise, with a fourth game that they’re now teasing. Not a lot of details beyond a teaser image and the quote “the bad guys shall have their revenge." Could this mean a game where you play as the bad guys? Quite possibly!


What about the other game Ironhide was working on, Iron Marines? Well, that’s been a bit quiet lately, but it’s still in the works! In fact, the game just entered beta about a month ago:

So fans of Ironhide’s work should have a busy 2017 to get excited for. What’s kind of funny is the comment on the Kingdom Rush teaser page from a fan calling Ironhide greedy for not releasing Kingdom Rush Origins ($2.99) on PC. I feel like when it comes to greed, not releasing a game on a platform isn’t really the traditional definition of greedy? I mean, unless it’s greedy to potentially not release a port if it’s not expected to make back what it costs. Hmm.