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‘Grimvalor’ is a Stunning Action Platformer from the Makers of ‘Soosiz’ and ‘Swordigo’, Coming to iOS this Fall

Two-person Finnish studio Touch Foo has only released a couple of games on mobile in the past decade, but both of them have made quite an impact. In the fall of 2009 their gravity-flipping platformer Soosiz (Free) brought a charming pinch of Super Mario Galaxy-style planet-hopping to a 2D mobile platformer, and it’s been a fan favorite ever since. We also loved it in our now very old original review. Then in the spring of 2012 they released Swordigo (Free) an open-ended action-platformer (yes, a Metroidvania) that was the first to really bring that genre to mobile in a meaningful way. At the time it got knocked for its art style, but when it came to actual gameplay there was simply no competition, and not only did we love it in our own review but Swordigo has since earned legendary status amongst our community, and thanks to an update adding iPhone X support a few months back it’s still as fun today as it was when it launched more than six years ago. Now Touch Foo has teamed up with some of their Finnish artist and programming friends and have forged a new studio called Direlight. Their first project is a mobile action platformer called Grimvalor, which they announced alongside this far too teaser-y teaser trailer.

Grimivalor is described as “an action platformer with fast-paced combat in a dark fantasy world" and will feature hack ‘n slash combat similar to character action games like Devil May Cry or Dust: An Elysian Tail ($5.99), with a pinch of Dark Souls for good measure. It’ll be heavily skill-based and feature “Fast-paced combat with dodges and special attacks, requiring learning enemy attack patterns" and there will be an element of character progression as you level up during play and collect and upgrade various types of equipment along the way. It’s a story-driven adventure, and will be a premium experience with no additional costs beyond the initial purchase of the game. Wahoo to that! It’s also been designed from the ground up for touchscreen controls, but will support MFi controllers as well. Basically it sounds like the dream game of premium mobile gamers, so you’ll definitely want to keep an eye out for more details on Grimvalor ahead of its planned launch on iOS this fall. Until then, head to our forums for some discussion and check out these awesome gifs of Grimvalor in action below.