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Upcoming ‘Apocalypse Hunters’ Combines CCG’s with Location-Based Games

A lot of the time when we hear about new games coming to the App Store, the pitch that goes along with them reads like a Wacky Mad Lib where the blank spots are filled in with current trends on mobile. That definitely seems to be the case with the upcoming Apocalypse Hunters, as they’re combining the CCG elements of games like Clash Royale (Free) with the real-world GPS-enabled collection mechanic of Pokemon Go (Free). Take a look at the trailer to get a quick glimpse of how this all goes together:

It’s an interesting concept, but for location-based games to be compelling, you need an immense amount of people playing them, otherwise they just feel empty. I’ve really yet to see other games besides Pokemon Go (and Ingress (Free) to some extent) really hit that tipping point where it feels like the real-world stuff is meaningful. It’s hard to say if Apocalypse Hunters will get there, but it is fairly fascinating that Pokemon Go is still light enough on features that competitors can spring up with ever-so-slightly more gameplay and have what appears to be a real compelling product.

Apocalypse Hunters is launching next week on both the App Store and Google Play for free. I’ll be curious to see how well it does, as I’d love for there to be a real competitor to games like Pokemon Go so Niantic had some motivation to add some actual gameplay to their title beyond the few minor features they’ve slowly integrated over the years. For more details on Apocalypse Hunters prior to its launch next week, head on over to the game’s web site.