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‘Tennis Champs Returns’ Developer’s ‘Super Soccer Champs 2018’ Gets a Trailer and Will Be Submitted to Apple Any Moment Now

After working in the games industry for decades, developer Elton Bird now focuses on releasing his very own games under his studio Uprising Games. You may recall that they released one of the best mobile games of 2016 with Tennis Champs Returns (Free), which we not only loved in our review and our Game of the Week award upon its release, but it continued to get better over the years with the additions of online multiplayer and a huge Season 2 update adding all sorts of great content. Tennis Champs Returns harkened back to the simplistic days of video game sports titles but injected a bit more depth in terms of character and career progression, and wrapped it all up with some of the best touch controls around.

Before Tennis Champs Returns came into our lives though, Bird was doing that same sort of thing with the sport of soccer and his Super Soccer Champs series. I say “series" but in reality it’s just one game that released way back in 2012 but was updated a ton to keep it current over the next couple of years and can still be found in the App Store today as Super Soccer Champs 2014 ($1.99). Well, as Bird has been talking about since back during the development of Tennis Champs Returns, his other big project was a proper sequel to Super Soccer Champs, and this past February he formally introduced Super Soccer Champs 2018 to the world. And now today as a special treat for those anxious for Super Soccer Champs 2018, Bird has released a solid two-minutes of the game in action in the following video.

As has been mentioned before, the Super Soccer Champs games are inspired by classics in the genre like Sensible World of Soccer, Kick-Off, and Dino Dini’s Goal. Much like Tennis Champs Returns, it’ll include some neat career mode features like building squads, scouting and signing players, boosting up your player stats via mini-games, and more. And as for the most exciting news to come alongside this new trailer? That would be that Super Soccer Champs 2018 is basically finished up and Uprising is very, VERY close to submitting the game to Apple for approval. Which means that it could possibly launch in time for this little soccer tournament thing that’s kicking off this week called the FIFA World Cup. Maybe you’ve heard of it? Even if it’s not quite in time for the start of the World Cup, Super Soccer Champs 2018 is VERY close to releasing, and we’ll of course let you know once it’s live in the App Store. In the meantime, feel free to hang out in the game’s forum thread to talk about this one ahead of release.