‘Tennis Champs Returns’ Gets Online Multiplayer, Women’s Career, and More in New Update

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Already, Tennis Champs Returns (Free) is one of the best games of the year, and perhaps the best tennis game since the Game Boy versions of Mario Tennis. But now this rad tennis game is about to get even better, with an update set to hit on or around Thursday, June 23rd. The killer new feature for veterans of the game? Online multiplayer via Game Center. Yes, I am all about this.

Have you wanted to play as a woman? You can do that in this new update, with a full career and character customization to be had. A new control scheme using some AI-assisted running controls with taps and swipes used to hit the ball has been added, which should help y’all who don’t care for virtual controls. Replay sharing has been added, too. What a great list of updates. This update is set to hit on Thursday, June 23rd, but keep an eye out as it could hit at any time.

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