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Classic Mobile Tower Defense Game Returns in Full 3D and AR with ‘The Creeps 2’, Coming this Thursday

I have an ultra soft spot in my heart for the early wave of iPhone games that came out in the wake of the App Store officially opening nearly ten years ago in July of 2008. One of those games is The Creeps! (Free) from Super Squawk Software, which we originally reviewed back in December of 2008. It was one of the first games to ride the wave of tower defense titles that eventually swamped the App Store following the success of Feidlrunners, and as we mention in that brief review it had several cool features that helped it stand out from the pack. Most of all, though, I just loved the aesthetics and the cool monsters in The Creeps! Now, almost a decade later, The Creeps! is coming back in a big way with a new sequel that takes things into the third dimension… both digitally and physically. Check it out in action in this brief trailer.

As you can see, the game uses 3D visuals now, and it’s totally cool to see three dimensional models of those iconic little creeps. It also takes that third dimension into the real world with a slick looking augmented reality mode using Apple’s ARKit. Also, in a change from the original game, you can play The Creeps! 2 in portrait mode with just one hand, which is a favorite feature in games for me personally. And if you prefer the old way of playing in landscape, well, it’ll automatically rotate between both on the fly. If you weren’t around in those early days of the App Store and missed out on the original The Creeps!, and you enjoy a good tower defense game, then definitely check out The Creeps! 2 which is set to launch this Thursday, June 7th for free. And if you’re the pre-ordering type, you can do so now by clicking this link on an iOS 11 device.