Fan-Favorite Action Platformer ‘Goblin Sword’ Updated with iPhone X Support

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For the past week, platforming fans have been gushing over Oddmar ($4.99), and with good reason. It’s absolutely one of the best platformers ever released on mobile. But it’s certainly not alone in the stable of classic mobile platformers, and one of the other most beloved ones has just received an update for the full screen of the iPhone X. That game is Goblin Sword ($1.99) from Gelato Games, and if this is somehow the first you’re hearing of this game, boy are you in for a treat. Goblin Sword is a hack ‘n slash action platformer with light RPG elements and some of the finest pixel art we’ve seen. Check it out in the launch trailer below.

When Goblin Sword originally released in September of 2014, we had no problem awarding it 5 stars in our review as it was a shining example of an action RPG done right on the touchscreen. But the Goblin Sword fun didn’t end there. Gelato has dutifully updated the game over the years with tons of new content, including the new Lost City chapter in early 2015, the Shadow Temple chapter in the summer of 2015, and the Sacred Ruins chapter in spring of 2016. So yeah, Goblin Sword is a massively good value for the money. And if you’re an iPhone X owner like myself, the game looks absolutely wonderful with full screen support. So whether you’re an old fan or just now learning about Goblin Sword, make sure this one has a permanent spot on your device.

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    Goblin Sword is a retro-inspired action platformer with light rpg elements. An army of monsters led by an evil wizard h…
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