Fantastic Action Platformer ‘Goblin Sword’ Updated with Tons of New Content and MFi Controller Support

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One of the best mobile games of 2014 was Goblin Sword ($1.99), an action platformer with RPG trappings from two-man studio Gelato Games. With drop-dead gorgeous pixel art, flawless controls, a lengthy campaign and just enough character upgrading and customization elements, everything just fell into place with Goblin Sword and we effortlessly awarded it 5 stars in our original review. That was all way back in September of last year though, and while it’s taken a bit of time, a huge new update has just been released for Goblin Sword which adds in all sorts of goodies.

The major new feature in the 1.5 update of Goblin Sword is an entire new chapter titled The Lost City that features 16 new levels that take place in a brand new area. The new chapter can be accessed after beating the first boss in the Dark Caves. Along with the new levels are 2 new bosses, more than 10 new enemy types, and a number of new relics, weapons and costumes for your hero. Gelato has created a new trailer showing off some of this new content, but if you want to experience it for yourself you may want to skip the trailer as spoilers abound.

In addition to the new content, this update also includes full MFi controller support. The virtual controls in Goblin Sword are excellent, but if you prefer the touch of a physical controller then now you have the option. If you are one of those who favor the virtual controls, you can now see the hitboxes when repositioning them in the options screen, so you can get really exact with how you want them set up. Finally, this update brings Game Center leaderboards to the Time Trial levels and offers various other tweaks and fixes throughout the game. If you like platformers and haven’t picked up Goblin Sword yet, it’s one of the easiest recommendations I can make, both in its initial release form but even more so thanks to this latest update.

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