Capcom Is Shutting down ‘Puzzle Fighter’ on July 31st, In App Purchases to Be Disabled from April 23rd

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Capcom just announced that they will be sunsetting Puzzle Fighter (Free). This is the mobile version of their classic puzzle game and it released worldwide in late November last year after a soft launch. It featured redone 3D visuals and 1v1 multiplayer as a reboot to the series built for mobile platforms. It is currently available on both iOS and Android devices with in app purchases through in game gem currency. Watch the trailer for it below:

We sampled it back in September last year at PAX West and you can read about that
here. Puzzle Fighter has been devleoped by Capcom Vancouver and the studio is now dedicating all its resources into the Dead Rising franchise which is their flagship. To do this, Puzzle Fighter will be shutdown on July 31st.

It will be pulled from the App Store and Google Play beginning July 1st. In app purchases are being disabled from April 23rd. For everyone who already has it, you get 10,000 in game gem currency from the team as a thanks for playing. They will also be making all upcoming characters like (Regina from Dino Crisis) and stages available for free until the game is shut down. They will also be releasing the soundtrack on soundcloud and be bringing back the Classic Mode until the game servers are shutdown in July. Sad times for fans of the game and if you’d like to engage in some discussion about this announcement, our forum thread for it is always available.

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