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‘Puzzle Fighter’ Launching Globally on iOS and Android this Week

After a few weird spinoffs and strange versions of the formula over the years, Capcom announced at the end of August that they’re bringing out a brand new entry in their classic Puzzle Fighter series built from the ground up for mobile. Just a few days later we were able to go hands-on with a playable version of the new Puzzle Fighter during PAX West and had a blast in our brief time with it. Then later in September Capcom soft-launched the game in several countries, giving even more people a chance to check it out early. Well, after all of that today Capcom has announced that Puzzle Fighter will officially be releasing globally on iOS and Android later this week. They’ve even released a new trailer to celebrate.

So when, exactly, will Puzzle Fighter launch later this week? We don’t know! Capcom is being pretty vague about it, possibly to try and coordinate feature placement with Apple or something, so this leads me to believe we could see it show up at any time between right now and… oh let’s say Friday at midnight. You have your deadline Capcom, don’t disappoint me! It’s probably a safe bet it’ll arrive well before then and most likely should be included in our weekly new games roundup that we post on Wednesday nights, but we’ll give you a separate heads up if it comes out before then too. Either way there’s not long to wait now before we can all be puzzle fighting each other on our mobile devices!