SwitchArcade Roundup: ‘Galaxy on Fire – Manticore’, ‘Brakes Are For Losers’, and More

Hey folks, welcome back to the SwitchArcade Roundup. Sorry the Roundup has been away for a couple of days – technical issues and some personal stuff got in the way! I’m back, and ready to deliver the SwitchArcade Roundup for you. We’ve got a few days of new releases to cover, a couple new game announcements, a notable delay, and a couple of horror game sales worth checking out. Let’s get into it, shall we?


TowerFall coming to the Switch

The Celeste developer is bringing the multiplayer arrow-shooting game to the Switch. TowerFall: Ascension is one of the most fun local multiplayer battling games of its generation, with loads of great moments that happen while you and your friends play. It’s perfect for the Switch!

Dark Souls Remastered delayed to the summer

Curse the sun! Bandai Namco delayed Dark Souls Remastered for Switch from the May 25th release date on other platforms.

Good news, though: a server test will still happen, so you will get a chance to see how this runs on the Switch, along with its multiplayer performance, before the game’s release.

Another Lost Phone: Laura’s Story releases on Switch on April 26th

After A Normal Lost Phone released on the Switch earlier this year, the sequel is now set to release on the Switch. It will support portrait and landscape modes, and while perhaps playing a game about interacting with a person’s phone is best on an actual smartphone, you might as well play it on whichever platform you want to enjoy the game on!

New Releases

Brakes Are For Losers! ($4.99)

Finally, a game that speaks to me philosophically. Up to eight players can race on a single-screen track, and of course, there are no brakes. Because those are for losers, you see. Seriously, it’s all forward, no stopping. While multiplayer is the star of the show (and the $4.99 price makes this a solid pickup if you’re looking for something new to entertain people with), there are singleplayer games! Just remember, if you get tired, be sure to take a break. But not a brake. Because you’re not a loser.

Manticore – Galaxy on Fire ($19.99)

After a delay, the long-time mobile space shooter comes to mobile in a paid game version (though if you have an Apple TV, you can check out the prequel Galaxy on Fire – Manticore Rising), which I’m sure is not going to cause any controversy among that segment of the mobile audience that hates free-to-play at all. You can explore space, find missions to play, and battle through the campaign mode. Interestingly, without the free-to-play aspects, they’re claiming this is an 8+ hour experience. Hmm! I will say, the game looks remarkably good on the Switch!

It’s Spring Again ($1.99)

This one’s for the kids, aimed at the 2-5 crowd. Based on a Russian puppet show, kids learn how the seasons change, and the game’s designed to develop associational and logical thinking. I don’t know how effective these educational apps are at doing what they do, especially since just anyone can make them and theoretically claim that they’re doing something. But then again, I don’t have any plans to have kids, so that’s your problem! This look charming, though?

Wild Guns Reloaded ($29.99)

Natusme’s still around, huh? They remastered the game for consoles, and now the Switch sees this game. It’s a shooting gallery game inspired by light gun shooters, where you can move or shoot, but not both at the same time. So, you have to work intelligently to take down the hordes of enemies. The pixel art looks fantastic, and it’s quite the unique setup for a title. Plus, going with an enhanced remake instead of a totally new game seems smart. This one is available on the eShop now, and physical copies should be available at Gamestop.

Party Trivia ($9.99)

If you want a trivia game that’s perhaps more straight-laced than the You Don’t Know Jack titles in the Jackbox Party Packs, this might be for you. Only problem is that the game only supports multiplayer for two players? That seems like a waste.

Skee-Ball ($19.99)

Oh hey, Skee-Ball should be fun. Remember Graveck’s 10 Balls 7 Cups and Skee-Ball? Well, this title is developed by Ocean Media, and is an adaptation of the mobile game Skee-Ball Plus, just here on the Switch, with joystick controls to aim. Ocean Media is shooting their shot on this one, as the game is $19.99 on Switch compared to $2.99 on mobile. Wow. Live bold, y’all.

Ninja Striker! ($3.99)

Another mobile game brought to Switch, from the Rogue Ninja developer. This one’s not charging a ridiculous premium, and appears to be an enhanced version from what’s on mobile, though this also saw a 3DS release in 2016. Q-Cumber Factory makes good stuff, so definitely consider this one.

Neo ATLAS 1469 ($49.99)

“We shall make our very own world map!" The concept of this one sounds quite intriguing, as you can create a “subjective world" where you can essentially create a new world based on the reports of admirals that return to you. Do you want Atlantis or Mu to exist? Just say the word. Christopher Columbus is a noted jerk, watch him try to find Mu someday and just get lost at sea, never to return. Hah! History is written by the victors.


HAMSTER keeps bringing the games. This 1997 SNK fighting game (different from last month’s Real Bout Fatal Fury) features a two-line battle system, no more ringouts, and 19 fighters in total, along with that familiar NeoGeo fighting gameplay. You should know what this entails at this point. Nothing wrong with HAMSTER’s steady supply of releases, especially as the NeoGeo era of gaming is such a unique time period. Also, $8 for these games is way cheaper than those games used to cost back when they released!

Recommendation: Word Search by POWGI

I feel like in my previous coverage of Word Search by POWGI, I was a bit snaky about the game and its developer using all-caps for its name! Our own Shaun Musgrave on his personal site reviewed this word search title, and found it to be a fun experience! Support his personal work and read his review of the title!


Bulb Boy ($5.39 from $8.99 until April 28th)

This is an extremely charming horror-themed point-and-click adventure that I loved n mobile. It’s grotesque, but extremely charming, and well worth checking out now that it’s on sale for Switch.

Vaccine ($6.99 from $9.99 until April 26th)

Do you like Resident Evil? Like, old-school, PS1-era Resident Evil? With its terrible controls and graphics? You might like this. Or maybe there’s a reason future Resident Evil titles went away from this style, because the reviews are not good. It does boast 30-minute games and randomized levels, so if you really can’t get enough of gameplay so old-school, it’s detrimental to the experience, maybe this is for you.

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