Maxis is Reportedly Laying Off ‘Sims 4’ Staff, Transferring Some to Mobile

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According to The Sims fan site SimsVIP, EA is cleaning house on Maxis staff, laying off multiple people from the Sims 4 team and transferring others to development of The Sims Mobile (Free). SimsVIP’s sources speculate that EA is shifting more towards mobile development, as games like The Sims Mobile are basically money printing machines versus selling single boxed copies of The Sims on PC- A line of reasoning, that sadly, makes a ton of sense.

From a business perspective, these mobile games that are run as services constantly are generating revenue. Per Sensor Tower data, The Sims Mobile made $2m in March of 2018 alone, and that’s after a significant slump in the charts following its launch. With the right people driving the love ops of that game, there’s not much reason to think that it won’t make around $2m (or more) a month for years.

While I totally see why fans of the “real" Sims games would be bummed out by this apparent shift in focus by EA, to look at it from a glass half full perspective, maybe this means The Sims Mobile will end up being even more true to a “real" Sims experience with more people from the Sims 4 team being shifted over to it?

[via SimsVIP]

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