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Craft Beer Simulator ‘Brew Town’ Set to Arrive this Thursday, Available for Pre-Order

Back in February Fist of Awesome (Free) developer I Fight Bears and Neon Horizon (Free) developer Appbox Media announced a collaborative project called Brew Town. As the name implies, Brew Town is a craft beer simulation game where you’ll literally build a town out of all the elements you’ll need to create a craft beer empire, and of course you’ll spend a lot of time creating the beers themselves. One of the coolest aspects of Brew Town is the in-depth bottle and can creator which lets you create the perfect vessel for delivering your fine craft brews. This includes being able to name your beer and then use a pretty robust label editor to make your very own visual style for that beer. See it all in action in the following trailer for Brew Town.

Originally it was planned that Brew Town would launch on March 22nd, but that didn’t quite work out. The good news is that a new release date has been set, and it’s like really REALLY soon: This Thursday, April 19th. If you’re among those who like to do the pre-order thing through the App Store, then you can do that with Brew Town by clicking this link on an iOS 11 device which will allow you to “purchase" the free game through the App Store and then have it automatically download to your device once it’s out. I recently discovered the joys of drawing my own graffiti in Vandals ($3.99), and so I think I’m going to become slightly obsessed creating beer labels in Brew Town using their rad editor. If you’ve been as anxious as I have for this one, then either jump on the pre-order train or simply wait a couple of days for Brew Town to hit both iOS and Android this Thursday.