That Big ‘Towaga’ Update is Still Coming and Needs Beta Testers

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In January of last year, The Firm (Free) developer Sunnyside Games launched their second mobile title called Towaga (Free), an uber-stylish fixed point shooter in a similar vein to the cult classic ZiGGURAT. And seeing how ZiGGURAT was pulled from the App Store 8 months after its release, and then republished under another developer account forcing existing owners to purchase it again, and then THAT version was pulled too, I was more than happy to see the arrival of Towaga to fill that gap in my gaming library. And beyond that, the gameplay was more varied in Towaga and the art style and fluid animations were a sight to behold. The only problem with Towaga is that it felt like the core of a great game that just needed more stuff, and Sunnyside had big plans last July to update the game.

Being a very small studio, Sunnyside had to balance doing “day job" type stuff to keep the lights on in between wanting to update their passion projects Towaga and The Firm, and so that massive update has yet to arrive. In order to reach the finish line of their plans for Towaga, Sunnyside has decided to split the huge update up into smaller, more manageable updates, and the first of those is getting ready for release. Before that though they’d like to have some beta testing on the update done and they reached out in our forums to find some testers. Are you interested in testing out the new Towaga content? Then check out this post in our forums for a link to sign up for the Testflight beta. Hopefully not too long after that we can start to see all those ambitions for Towaga begin to materialize in the form of more frequent updates.

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