All-Time Classic ‘Super Hexagon’ Updated with iPhone X Screen Support and 120FPS Support on Newer iPads

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People who know what I do for a living are always asking me what a good mobile game to play is, or what my all-time favorite mobile game is. And as we all know, with the firehose of new releases coming out every week and literally hundreds if not thousands of high quality mobile games to choose from, that question almost always is difficult to answer. So I always keep a couple of fallback go-to recommendations in my mind for whenever I’m put on the spot, and one of those is Terry Cavanagh’s Super Hexagon ($2.99). It’s easy enough for anybody to play, it looks and sounds great, and it is the poster child for “easy to learn but hard to master." It’s the type of game that should just be pre-installed on every iOS device. It’s a masterpiece. Since first arriving on iOS back in the summer of 2012, Cavanagh has kept Super Hexagon well-maintained during all the software and hardware advancements Apple has put out over the years, and that trend continues today with a brand new update adding in support for the full screen of the iPhone X as well as 120fps support for ProMotion-enabled iPads.

While twitch games are commonplace on mobile nowadays, it was really the release of Super Hexagon back in 2012 that ushered it more into the “mainstream" of mobile gaming. It’s just the type of game you can easily whip out at any moment and either play for a minute or an hour and you’ll always be entertained. Entertained and frustrated, most likely. I remember the months following Super Hexagon’s launch on iPhone and the soundtrack to my life basically being a constant loop of “Game Over. Begin! Game Over. Begin! Game Over…" well you get the idea. And even though there are times when I’ve gone weeks between playing, it’s always like visiting an old friend when I fire up Super Hexagon, and it’s my intention to never have the game leave my device. Compatibility updates like today really help with that goal of mine, so whether you’re a Super Hexagon expert already or this is the first you’re hearing of it, be sure this is a part of your collection and enjoy this latest update.

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