‘Death Road to Canada’ EYEBALL Update Hitting iOS this Thursday

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Following its initial release on mobile this past March, updates for Rocketcat and Madgarden’s zombie apocalypse adventure game Death Road to Canada ($14.99) have been coming in regularly throughout this year. In addition to a number of more minor updates, Death Road has also been receiving meatier, body-part-inspired content updates that are trying to follow in the footsteps of all the content being added to the desktop version of the game. Back in June we had the COCCYX update, and in August the DUODENUM update arrived. Both added a staggering amount of new features, tweaks, and fixes, making the already fantastic Death Road to Canada even better. Well, the fun’s not over as this Thursday the new EYEBALL update is arriving for the mobile version of Death Road. And because human bodies have two eyeballs, this update is actually split into two parts. The first part which arrives this week adds in a dozen new text events, including the rare events Gnome Challenge Mode and Toilet of the Past’s Future as well as a new event based around the hottest new piece of exercise equipment the Swole-O-Flex. You can see screens of these events below.

For a brief rundown of the 9 other new events, as well as the numerous changes, fixes, and upgrades coming in part 1 of the EYEBALL update then hit up this post by Rocketcat in our forums which very succinctly summarizes everything. Then there’s part 2 of the EYEBALL update which will likely include “more events, some characters and weapons, new secret areas, control tweaks, and more" and that should all be coming to mobile sometime in January. When part 2 hits, Death Road to Canada will again raise its price by a dollar. If you still have yet to hop on the Death Road to Canada train, be sure to give our original review a read to find out more, and then take into consideration all the updates that have arrived for the game since. I’ve found that it’s certainly not a game for everyone, but for those it clicks with it offers perhaps some of the most endlessly playable fun on the entire App Store. That fun continues when part 1 of the EYEBALL update arrives on iOS this Thursday.

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