‘Super Mario Run’ Celebrates Mario Day by Offering the Iap at 50% off for $4.99 for Two Weeks Beginning March 10th

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Nintendo’s first big mobile game had a fantastic reveal when it was shown off at an Apple event and Tim Cook said Mario would be coming to the App Store. Since launch, Super Mario Run (Free) has seen a few discounts for the IAP and it has also seen quite a bit of post launch support with content. Super Mario Run wasn’t a mindblowing runner but it was quite a bit of fun initially. It also featured a single IAP to unlock the full game and anyone can try out a few levels for free. The content updates so far have included new buildings, new characters, levels, an in game music player and more.

March 10th is Mario Day and Nintendo intends to celebrate this in Super Mario Run by offering a 50% discount on the in app purchase. Unlike Nintendo’s mobile games based on the Fire Emblem or Animal Crossing brands, Super Mario Run has a single IAP that unlocks the full game. It sadly still uses a persistent internet connection if that is something you care about. Beginning March 10th, Super Mario Run will have its IAP at 50% off. If you’ve recently gotten it and have wanted to pay less than the asking price of $9.99, you should wait until March 10th. The discount will run until March 25th so that’s two weeks. The official website also lists the prices in various currencies if you’d rather check the whole list out there instead of your local App Store.

I wonder if they will do anything else in game around Mario Day or whether the rumoured Super Mario Odyssey DLC will have anything happening inside Super Mario Run at the same time as a cross promotion event. If you do plan on taking advantage of the Mario Day sale or just feel like talking about Super Mario Run in 2018 use our forum thread and Discord server.

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