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‘Rome: Total War’ for iPhone Is Now Launching in Summer and We Finally Get a First Look at the Progress of the Port

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It is always great to see classic strategy games make their way to iPad. When Feral Interactive brought Rome: Total War ($9.99) to iOS, many questioned how it would control and look. Those fears were mostly put to rest and we even saw the release of the expansion, Barbarian Invasion ($4.99), as a standalone release. The iPad is a fantastic way to play Rome: Total War and I was quite showcked when it was announced for iPhone. A lot of PC games make their way just to iPad and not iPhone like FTL and Papers, Please due to the larger real estate available. Rome: Total War was scheduled to release on iPhone for $9.99 but it was delayed. We finally have a video showcasing how the port looks and how the interface is on the iPhone screen.

Today, Feral Interactive have announced a slight delay in the iPhone port. They needed a bit more time to bring the full Rome: Total War experience to smaller screens. The gameplay video above looks lovely and I can’t wait to get it just because it is still pretty mindblowing for me having games like this and Planescape Torment Enhanced Edition on a device that (used to) fits in the palm of your hand.

Rome: Total War’s interface looks very nice in the video although there are still various details we don’t have. Feral Interactive’s Tweets also confirm that all factions in the desktop and iPad version will be available in the iPhone version. Are you looking forward to building an empire on your phone on the go? Let us know in the comments. Rome: Total War for iPhone launches this summer. Check out our forum thread for the iPad version here for more discussion on it.

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