The Entire ‘Kingdom Rush’ Trilogy of Tower Defense Games Now Support the iPhone X Screen

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While Ironhide Games made a big splash last year with their tower defense/real-time strategy hybrid Iron Marines ($2.99), but we can’t go forgetting that they’re also responsible for three of the very best action tower defense games around: The Kingdom Rush trilogy. All three of these games have been well-maintained by Ironhide over the years, and just in this past week they’ve set out to support the iPhone versions of each with full screen support for the iPhone X. Of course, it took Ironhide like 6 years to finally release a Universal build of a game with Iron Marines, so chances are if you’re an iPad Kingdom Rush player you don’t know and don’t care than an iPhone X update is available for these games. And that’s fine! Avert your eyes iPad people!

For us iPhone gamers though, these updated Kingdom Rush games look really great on the full screen of the iPhone X. I actually haven’t played any of these games in a couple of years, so it’s a good excuse to get back into them. If you’re not really familiar with the Kingdom Rush series and are looking for some guidance, you can check out our review of the original Kingdom Rush for iPad from way back in 2011. That was about six months before there was an iPhone version at all. That first game is also free, so you could always just download it to get an idea of what it’s like (and because it’s still fantastic even all these years later) and if you do enjoy it and want more then check out our review of Kingdom Rush Frontiers as well as our review of Kingdom Rush Origins for even more tower defense goodness.

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