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The Years in Development ‘Dice Soccer City’ Finally Arriving February 1st

Way back in July of 2011, LambdaMu Games brought us a refreshing mix of dice-rolling and soccer with their very appropriately-titled Dice Soccer. We enjoyed the game a lot in our review from then, but sadly that original Dice Soccer has been lost to the aether of the App Store. In 2014 LambdaMu introduced us to a follow-up title at GDC 2014 called Dice Soccer League which was supposed to launch in time for the World Cup that year. Things didn’t quite pan out, and for the next few years we weren’t really sure what the fate of the next Dice Soccer game would be. Then this past November the developers resurfaced on our forums to introduce Dice Soccer City, and they’ve been beta testing the game with forum members ever since. Well, the time has finally come as this forever-in-development follow-up to Dice Soccer is now slated to launch on February 1st.

We actually did get an early hint at what would ultimately become Dice Soccer City during GDC in March of last year, when the game was tentatively titled Dice Soccer Town. It looks to combine the elements of city-building with sports team management, not unlike many of Kairosoft’s lovely sim-lite titles. Basically, you’ll be building up a city that’s filled with people who love soccer, and then you’ll build out your team from those citizens. So keeping your city morale up and winning matches with your city’s team are crucial in drafting better and better players. It sounds like a neat way to mix two pretty separate genres. For a lot more information check out the game’s forum thread and keep an eye out for Dice Soccer City next Thursday.

Link to Forum Discussion: DICE SOCCER CITY [From the makers of Pixel People] [Launching Feb 1]