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Heartbreaking Narrative Game ‘Till the Dawn, Waiting’ Coming to iOS Soon

If you’re particularly sensitive to animal stuff, you might want to prepare yourself for this one. Till the Dawn, Waiting is a narrative game from UnderDOGS Studio that just released on desktop earlier this month, and as revealed on our forums it’s making its way to iOS soon too. So, what’s Till the Dawn, Waiting all about? Well, inspired by stories of families who had to abandon their pets to flee the horrific hurricanes that ravished many parts of the world last year, UnderDOGS wanted to tell a story from a dog’s perspective on what it’s like being abandoned by their owner. Tied to a stake out in the desert, the dog protagonist will have thoughts and dreams wondering about where its owner has gone and when they might be coming back. The dog won’t be totally alone, as various roaming creatures will stop by and engage in conversation with the dog and you’ll be able to choose different dialogue options to steer where the story goes.

It’s a very depressing premise, but also an interesting one as one of the biggest traits about a dog is their unwavering loyalty towards their owners. Will that loyalty hold up over the days and weeks as a dog is stranded out in the desert, braving the elements and with slowly deteriorating health? Can a dog even come to the realization that its owner doesn’t love it and has abandoned it to die, or will the dog always have hope that its owner will return for it? With multiple endings and the branching narrative that can shape the story, Till the Dawn, Waiting doesn’t necessarily have to have a sad ending, but this still isn’t going to be a game for everyone. It’s certainly caught my attention though and I feel like it deals with a very interesting subject. While no release date has been set for the iOS version, you can drop by the forum thread for updates on its progress and we’ll let you know when Till the Dawn, Waiting arrives on mobile.