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Slingshotting Metroidvania ‘Dandara’ is Hitting iOS (and Every Other Platform) in February

Developer Long Hat House first reached out to us about their upcoming game Dandara back in May of last year, and it looked absolutely fantastic in that initial trailer. Dandara is a pixel art open-world platformer that uses a really interesting mechanic in place of the typical running and jumping found in most platformers. Instead you’ll be slingshotting your character around by pulling back and shooting her similar to how you’d fire off birds in Angry Birds. It looked incredibly promising, but since that initial unveiling the game has been picked up by publisher Raw Fury and is now set to hit just about every platform you can think of in addition to mobile. What we’ve been wondering is when Dandara would be releasing, and thanks to a tweet from Raw Fury yesterday we now have a better idea of when that will be: this coming February.

Yes, all of the platforms! Interestingly, despite us being an iOS gaming site, the most time we’ve spent with Dandara so far has been on the Nintendo Switch. We checked out an in-progress version back at GDC this past March, and then got an updated look at it during PAX West in early September. Both times the game looked and played wonderfully, and as a big fan of open-world “Metroidvania" action platformers, I’m really eager to get my hands on the finished version of Dandara. The tweet mentions “more to share soon" so we’ll bring you any more news on the game as it hits. In the meantime, check out the awesome trailer for Dandara in case you haven’t seen it previously.